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5 Ways I Navigating College and Life with Purposeful Focus and Fearless Pursuit

By: Kennedy Walk

The importance of diligence. With organizations, school work, the pressure of family expectations, and living at home for the first time your day can start to feel like you're carrying a heavy rock on your back. I had to realize  that it's more effective to be present and focus on one thing at a time. I found the quote to be my mantra when I felt overwhelmed with too many things ”don't worry about building the wall just lay one perfect brick today”.  While being future focused is good sometimes this reminds me to be present and focus on one thing at a time to avoid becoming overwhelmed. 

Even though failure is a possibility, you should try if something is important enough to you.. Getting yourself out there in new situations is important for you to cultivate humanity and make the most of these four years. It also may come with fear for some.I noticed that overcoming any “fears of failure” always led me to my goals at the end. This can apply in class as well. I became more comfortable with trying to build relationships with teachers and TA’s and ask questions even if I thought they might be “silly questions”-ultimately leading me to better relationships and higher grades.

It requires meticulous time and effort to apply your strengths to your career and passions. Many people, of course, had specific strengths in high school and were able to make use of them in their extracurricular activities. However in college, everyone quickly becomes preoccupied with passing the course and getting a good grade; as a result, tapping back into some of your strengths may have to wait until you can complete that important class. For me as an upperclassman, I finally feel that I'm taking classes where I can foster my strengths and have time outside of class to see them in action.The coursework has become more aligned with my interests and capabilities, affording me not only the opportunity to excel academically but also to dedicate time outside of class towards the develop my strengths. This shift represents a pivotal moment where the balance between academic obligations and personal growth begins to harmonize, enabling a more holistic and fulfilling college experience.

Don't make the consensus and tell yourself no- let somebody tell you no. Ask questions and fight for everything. Most people are willing to help you if you ask. Why would you tell yourself no before someone else does?

Let life come from you, not at you. You don't want life to “tackle you”- but rather take control of your task. This may look like getting ahead of things that you know will add stress onto you. Tackling your day head on always felt better than procrastinating - and helped with better grades! You deserve to be creative and paint the picture of your own life. 


About The Author:

Kennedy Walk '25

Computer Science

Entrepreneurial LeadHERship Fall 2023 Student

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