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20 Ways to Take Care of YOU in Your Twenties

Throughout my time at UT, I have learned many lessons that have significantly shaped who I am. I have learned that you don't jump into the UT fountain after midnight, and the best time to get pancakes from Kerbey Lane is 3 pm on a Thursday. But some of the most valuable lessons I have learned have not come from the crazy nights out or the fun times with my friends; they have come from the long nights in my room, wondering what I am doing with my life. I wanted to take a moment to share 20 things I have learned in my four years at UT, and hope this speaks to you.

1. Trust in God's plan for your life.

This is probably the most important thing I learned because when everything feels like it

is falling apart, trust and hope in God's plan can get you through it.

2. Things may not go the way you plan, but trust that it'll work out in the end.

You can plan, plan, and plan until your Erin Condron pen runs out, but if your plan doesn't work out, trust that it will be okay. Everything happens for a reason.

3. To take care of others is to take care of yourself first.

Simple as that. To ensure that you can help others, you must be able to help yourself first.

4. Know who is worth your time and invest in those relationships.

There will be many people who want to be your friend, but it is essential to

know who is worth your time and invest in that person.

5. Your mental health should always be your priority.

Always put your mental health first, then focus on everything else.

6. Invest in a good pair of walking shoes.

The best way to get excited about a hot girl's walk? A good playlist and great walking


7. The amount of jobs you have doesn't make you cool, don't strive to get burnt out.

I had to learn this the hard way. It's not cool to get burnt out, and it isn't worth it. Know how much you can handle, and don't go above that.

8. Know when to go, and when to stay and fight.

Some people are worth it, and others have shown they aren't. You know who they

are and trust in that intuition.

9. Make a workout plan that YOU love, and try your best to stick to it.

My workout plan is cycle-45 every MWF, and I do a 30-minute walk daily. I

LOVE IT. Find the workout that makes exercise fun for you!

10. For every iced latte you drink, drink 2 cups of water.

It's not cute to be dehydrated and over-caffeinated. Drink your water!

11. Find time every week to call your family and friends.

They miss you! Find at least a 15-minute window every week to call them. They'll be glad

to hear your voice.

12. Advocate for yourself.

No one will have your back like you will.

13. Know who you are and know your worth.

Knowing who you are comes with time, don't rush it.

14. Fake it til you make it.

For the most part, no one always knows what they're doing. Fake it til you make it and

get your foot in that door.

15. It is better to be kind than cool.

Kind words and actions are key to a heart full of happiness.

16. Going on a walk is the best thing you can do to destress.

I am a big advocate for a long walk. All you need is 30-minutes with the right playlist and good walking shoes, and boom, you're back in the game.

17. Invest time and energy into your family and develop your relationships with them.

Family time is sacred, and it is vital to develop your relationships with people you

call family.

18. If someone shows their true colors, believe them.

True colors rarely change. Trust in them and let them guide you when you are trying to

make that decision.

19. Like what you like and own it!

Don't change the things you like if others just because others don't like them! It's what makes you unique!

20. Find a mentor and stick with them.

Finding a mentor to help you through situations and teach you other lessons that will be

valuable down the road.


About The Author:

Amerika Torres'22

Public Relations

Entrepreneurial LeadHERship Course Student - Spring 2022

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